Lab Philosophy

Our goal is to foster an environment of scientific inquiry that supports every lab member in reaching their professional goals, while contributing directly to the lab — a whole that is the greater than the sum of our parts.

We are a supportive and open team of scientists who welcome potential candidates regardless of race, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, disability, or caregiver status.

As long as you are a hard worker who is kind, helpful, and respectful to others, you are welcome. If teamwork and cooperation are not for you, there are plenty of other labs that may be a better fit.

If you are a team player, read on:

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Yale University has an excellent set of resources across disciplines which make it a very strong place for continuing your training. Please send a CV and a cover letter that includes your thoughts on future projects, what you hope to gain from the lab, and what you would bring to the lab.

We do not have time to respond to generic emails requesting sponsorship for projects that are not related to ongoing work in the lab (unless projects come with large sums of money and very little work).

Graduate Students

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PhD students can join the lab through the Yale University’s Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP). If you are a current student, please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the lab or doing a rotation here. If you are not currently a student, you will need to apply to the program.

There may also be opportunities to work collaboratively if you are in psychology, biomedical engineering, linguistics, computer science, or another related discipline, provided you have a primary advisor in your home department.

If you’re thinking of joining the lab as a PhD student, keep in mind the following as we are a computational lab:

By the time you graduate, you will be able to: perform statistical analysis and generate plots in a high-level programming language of your choice (R, Python, MATLAB), share your code using Git and GitHub, run code on the cluster via the command line, write manuscripts using LaTeX, and know enough JavaScript to design online behavioral experiments using jsPsych.

If you’re new to coding, this learning curve may seem steep — but it’s not. We will provide ample resources both in-lab and via the Yale Center for Research Computing to assist you.

However — if writing, documenting, and sharing code isn’t compatible with your goals or interests, our lab is probably not a good fit.

Research Assistants

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We are currently recruiting a research assistant, who is clinically oriented, to help with data collection, recruitment, and scheduling. Knowledge of Qualtrics, REDCap, and Slack is a plus. Please send a CV and a cover letter that includes your relevant clinical experience, what you hope to gain from the lab, and what you would bring to the lab.

Undergraduate Students

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Undergraduates with a background or interest in neuroscience are welcome — this includes people who come from psychology, pre-med, biomedical engineering, computer science, linguistics, and others. We are also interested in undergraduates currently studying marketing or communications with a concentration in social media management.

We are particularly interested in undergraduates who have an interest in data science as well as clinically-oriented students who enjoy interacting directly with research participants.

We are currently seeking an intern interested in web development and database queries. This is an ideal fit for a student majoring in psychology and/or computer science. Ideal candidates will have experience using GitHub, jsPsych, JavaScript, and SQL. The intern may volunteer in person or remotely.

Depending on our current needs and your interests, undergraduates may assist with tasks such as:

If you are interested in being a part of our lab, please email a CV that includes your relevant experience (clinical, data science) and a cover letter that addresses the following:

  1. Why you are interested in joining the lab and how it fits into your career or education goals.

  2. Your in-person availability (minimum 8 hours per week).

  3. Coursework you think might be relevant, and any professors or mentors who can serve as a reference.

if interested in clinical work, please also include:

  1. Your level of experience working with clinical populations or people in general (e.g., customer service).

if interested in data science, please also include:

  1. A link to a GitHub repository that demonstrates your proficiency using a programming language (R, Python, MATLAB, etc.)

We look forward to receiving your application!